Maintenance intervals

Service and maintenance costs cut by half

The emission standard IV Volvo D5 engine in the SILOKING SelfLine 4.0 is not only enormously powerful. It is also uniquely economical, thanks to its extremely long maintenance intervals. The engine oil only needs changing after every 1,000 operating hours. This represents a 50 % reduction in maintenance time and costs compared to other engines of comparable power. The fact that it can be run on inexpensive standard engine oils has an additional positive effect on operating costs – not to mention increased availability.

Motorentechnologie bisher
Conventional engine technology
Motorentechnologie Siloking 4.0
SILOKING 4.0 engine technology

High power, low consumption

The performance and efficiency of Volvo engines is legendary and the 4 cylinder D5 engine used in the SILOKING SelfLine 4.0 is no exception. With its 5.1-liter cylinder capacity and power ranges from 105 to 160 kW (143 to 218hp), it reliably provides ample power for any task. Extremely high torque at low engine speeds gives the engine its characteristics of powerful performance, reduced fuel consumption, low vibration and a long working life.

Motorentechnologie bisher

Profit from the expertise of two world leaders

When a world leader in diesel engines for commercial vehicles and a market leader in self-propelled feed mixers come together, you can expect the results to be special. In the case of the SILOKING SelfLine 4.0, the result is a drive solution that combines the best of both worlds – Volvo’s engine technology, proven hundreds of thousands of times, and SILOKING’s engineering expertise, based on many years of experience in innovative feed mixing technology.