Hydraulic system

Uncompromising quality and maximum efficiency

The hydraulic system of the SILOKING SelfLine 4.0 uses the best components currently available, with the hydrostatic elements and pumps supplied by global market leader Bosch Rexroth. This ensures uncompromising quality and the highest standards of reliability and efficiency.

Three ways to save

To further enhance efficiency, the add-on components of the SILOKING SelfLine 4.0, such as the milling head and mixing unit, are all hydraulically operated. Despite the large number of consumers, the sophisticated hydraulic system needs just 140 liters of hydraulic oil. And because SILOKING 4.0 is designed to work perfectly with standard oil and filters, there are three ways to save money on maintenance.

When you invest in the future, it’s good to know that you will see a return.

We can show you how, today.

SILOKING 4.0 hydraulic system

Service and maintenance made simple

Featuring a return flow filter, the technically sophisticated filter system achieves optimal hydraulic oil filtration. As a result, maintenance intervals are extended to 1,000 operating hours, further reducing maintenance costs. Additional features, such as the electronic oil level sensor for low oil alerts and the large service hatch, providing easy access to the engine, make the SILOKING SelfLine 4.0 uniquely easy to service and maintain.