Daily output

The perfect environment for relaxed working

The cab of a self-propelled feed mixer is the driver’s daily workroom, often for hours at a time. With this in mind, SILOKING SelfLine 4.0 has been equipped to ensure that the driver enjoys maximum comfort, ergonomics and safety in all conditions. Built by the specialists at Lugstein, the cab makes work a pleasure thanks to its outstanding spaciousness, excellent all-round visibility and optimal operation of the controls. The combination of carefully thought out innovations and improvements with a perfect sense of well-being results in as much as 30 % better driver performance.

Unique cab design

The optimized windscreen angle is a striking feature of the new cab. The slight forward slope of the windscreen not only increases interior space and the sense of comfort, but also prevents dirt from accumulating on the windscreen. The unique cab design offers excellent all-round visibility and extra safety. Additional features include a large glass door and windscreen, a large roof window and a floor-to-ceiling window on the right-hand side. Inside the spacious interior, reversing and hopper cameras are fitted as standard equipment to increase safety.

A comfortable cab not only keeps the driver happy.

It also makes work easier and more efficient.

Optimal upward view

The SILOKING SelfLine 4.0 makes it easier to see what you are doing when loading feed, with the large new roof window allowing a clear view of silo’s upper edge. A foldable grille provides protection from falling material and can be raised without tools for cleaning the window. As with the windscreen, the roof window is equipped with an effective wiper system with water jets.

Easy and comfortable entry

There is no need to clamber awkwardly into the cab of the SILOKING SelfLine 4.0. Thanks to the low entry level and wide door, entering the cab is both easy and comfortable. The cab offers plenty of freedom to move around, partly because the fuse box has been positioned on the outside of the vehicle. This has the effect of creating generous space in the right footwell while offering optimal access to the fuses. The standard interior lighting ensures a perfect view of all indicator and control elements, even in the dark.

Comfort and easy operation come as standard

Optimal workplace

Thanks to a much reduced noise level, you can hear as well as feel the high quality of the new cab. The SILOKING SelfLine 4.0 also scores high for comfort. As standard equipment, the seat features air suspension and an integral armrest for relaxed and enjoyable driving, even at higher speeds or over uneven ground. The new steering column can be adjusted in three directions, making sitting down and standing up easy and quick.

Perfect climate

Optimized airflow ensures a perfect climate inside the cab. Both the user friendly air conditioning with optional climate control and the heating system are now integrated in the cab roof. The air conditioning and heating filters can be easily accessed from the outside during servicing and maintenance.

Excellent visibility, whatever the weather

The LED lighting strip in the roof grille of the SILOKING SelfLine 4.0 ensures excellent visibility even in poor light conditions. Short-range illumination in the working area is increased by up to 30 %. On top of that, three large windscreen wipers ensure good visibility in heavy rain.

Intuitive control

Thanks to the ergonomically optimized multi-functional armrest on the driver’s seat, SILOKING SelfLine 4.0 ensures that everything is close at hand. Both push button controls and joystick can be intuitively assigned. You can also freely adjust the height and extension of the armrest, independent of the seat surface. All of which adds up to smooth and intuitive control of all the important functions.

Functions on demand

The intelligent CAN-bus control system enables significantly improved efficiency during operation. Specially developed by control experts b plus, the CAN-bus technology makes it quick and easy to program work processes. These can then be called up at the touch of a button. An excellent example is the convenient Feed Table Management alias Feed table management system. Instead of multiple hand movements, a single press of a button is all it takes to automatically carry out several hydraulic functions – a big advantage during feeding. CAN-bus also reduces wiring to a minimum and supports remote troubleshooting.